Our relationships provide access to the best opportunities in the marketplace. Jarrod has represented $1.3 billion in transactions. Additionally, he carries a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) designation, a title which only 1% of agents in the nation hold.

What We Do

  • Strategic Marketing - Bespoke strategy and planning for each unique property
  • Market Analysis - In-depth interpretation of the current and future state of the marketplace
  • NYC Experience - Intimate social and cultural access to the New York City experience
  • Off-Market Opportunities - Access to properties that have yet to/may never hit the open market

Case Study Sample Comparable Analysis

Real Estate Advisory

Jarrod is a trusted residential market analyst. His ability to interpret data and recognize trends translates to substantial returns.

What We Do

  • Data Collection - Relevant and real-time information that illuminates the current marketplace
  • Trendspotting - Identifying what's next and how to distinguish enduring quality from the latest fad
  • Early Access - Singular opportunities by virtue of deep-rooted relationships
  • Investment Reporting - Coherent and substantive information that relates to your investment strategy

One Madison Duplex Brief Sample Investment Analysis Prospective Purchase Analysis

Pre-development Consulting

Jarrod is an expert in the pre-development process after a decade of experience working closely with developers of luxury condominium projects in Manhattan.

What We Do

  • Research - Determine intrinsic vs. extrinsic value and how that influences short vs. long play
  • Analysis - Comprehensive interpretation of data that is custom-fit for your purchase/investment
  • Planning - Structured schedule and procedure that ensures the upper hand
  • Team Assembly - Tried and trusted personnel with innate association to New York City


Jarrod Guy Randolph


Jarrod Guy Randolph